Will my new furnace work differently?

 Will my new furnace work differently than my old one?

We're glad you asked!!!

Maybe. When you install a new indoor comfort system in your home, you'll probably notice it operates differently than your old system.  Radical changes have taken place in the technology of the comfort industry in recent years.  These changes will affect how your system operates, and also may affect what you notice about your system.

High Efficiencies

Higher efficiencies in furnaces and air conditioners have become increasingly important over the past few years.  Consumers, government agencies, and manufacturers all see higher efficiencies as a way to conserve our natural resources while reducing consumer energy costs.  Today, furnaces are designed with high-efficiency in mind. 

To achieve higher efficiency, new gas furnaces must move more air over the heat exchanger than older furnaces so that as much heat as possible can be sent throughout the house.

The air that comes out of your furnace registers may not seem as warm as with your old furnace, but it will heat your house just as well.  In fact, better airflow can improve overall comfort by reducing air temperature differences from the ceiling to the floor, throughout your entire home.

Add-on Air Conditioning

Modern furnaces are designed to handle high-efficiency air conditioners and must have blowers that are efficient yet powerful enough to accomodate the add-on cooling.  Since cold air is much heavier than warm air, your system needds an extra boost from the blower to get cool air throughout your home to provide you with efficient total comfort during the summer.

Higher airflows required for cooling operation can contribute to unfamiliar sound levels when your new furnace is operating, because in older homes air duct systems were designed for heating only.  Most Lennox products have multiple speed settings to allow for the varying air needs of both heating and cooling cycles.

Your New System: Fine-Tuned For You

We can tell you if the changes you've noticed are normal when upgrading from an old, inefficient system to a new, highly efficient system.  Consult us to evaluate your entire heating and cooling system.  Sometimes minor adjustments and modifications can be made to existing duct systems to maximize comfort and minimize sound levels.

These changes are a small price to pay for the high efficiencies that mean significantly lower fuel bills and improved total comfort.