What's the advantage of two stage heating?

What's The Advantage of Two-Stage Heating?

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Two stage technology allows furnaces to automatically adjust heating output to maintain consistent comfort throughout your home. More consistent airflow also results in quieter operation and enhanced indoor air quality.
Why two stages are better than one:
Do you sometimes find it challenging to obtain the ideal temperature within your home during the winter months? First, it's cold, so you turn up the thermostat, which starts the furnace. Then, it's so hot your turn it down again.

Traditional furnaces are desinged to operate only at one level-high. No mater what the termperature is outside, they run at full capacity.

Furnaces with advanced two-stage technology make the distinction between mild and extreme weather, delivering the level of heating output necessary to maintain optimal comfort conditions inside of your home.

A two-stage furnace starts in first stage, operating at about 68% of its heating capacity. This reduced capacity is sufficient to keep your home comfortable when the weather outside is mild. Should the temperature suddenly drop, the unit automatically adjusts to high output (second stage) to meet the comfort demands of your home. It's like having two furnaces for the price of one, and you don't have the hassle of constantly adjusting your thermostat.

Even Temperatures. Two stage furnaces are like having two furnaces in one: a small furnace (first stage/low heat) for mild days and a larger furnace (second stage/high heat) for extremely cold days. This minimizes temperature swings within your home.

Quieter Comfort. Two-stage furnaces run at low stage most of the time, greatly reducing the operating sounds associated with traditional systems that turn on and run at full blast.

Improved Indoor Air Quality. A two stage furnace provides a longer period of time at low-speed fan operation which increases the effectiveness of the system's filters, allowing them to capture and remove more contaminants.
Choosing two stage technology for your home:
When selecting a furnace, ask yourself these questions: How much time do you and your family spend inside your home? Have you invested a lot of money in furniture, appliances and other items that enhance your comfort? Then why wouldn't you do the same thing with your heating equipment?

Although you can't see the air and temperature within your home, you can feel it. It affects you every day. A two-stage furnace can provide optimal comfort within your home, despite changing weather conditions outside.

If you want and expect high-level performance from your home comfort equipment, then a Lennox® two-stage furnace is the right choice for you.