Why should I buy a Lennox product?

 Why should I buy a Lennox product?

We're Glad You Asked!!!

Why should you buy Lennox products instead of any of the other brands of home comfort equipment?  The answer lies in what makes Lennox different from the other brands, our four core principles:  Innovation, Quality, Heritage, and Trust.  Fulfilling each of these principles on a day to day basis helps us deliver extraordinary value to all of our customers all of the time.


Lennox has long enjoyed a reputation for having the best product quality in the industry.  Consumers have long recognized the Lennox name and associate it with reliable, long lasting products.  This reputation was earned over time because of the high levels of quality in our product design and manufacture, and the high service levels by our independent dealers.

Our commitment to quality design is unparalleled.  Lennox not only invests heavily in research and development, but in testing as well.  Lennox testing labs are certified as an official test site for both the American and Canadian Gas Associations (AGA and CGA).  And the on-going product life-cycle testing and field testing procedures are evidence of the quality that goes into every Lennox home comfort product.

Lennox achieves manufacturing quality by setting high standards and monitoring performance to meet them.  And, the Lennox Marshalltown plant was the first facility in the HVAC industry to recieve the prestigious ISO 9002 quality registration under the AGA.  Every unit produced is tested for product quality.  And manufacturing to internationally recognized ISO 9000 standards means that the Lennox home comfort product you purchased was manufactured to top industry standards.

Our attention to quality in both design and manufacturing is more that just a perception that has built a reputation.  It is based on the hard performance of products over the course of many years.  Evidence of this comes from the following example provided by Copeland Corporation, the manufacturer of scroll compressors which are used in some of our cooling equipment.  In a five year study, from 1991 through 1995, Lennox was found to have the lowest compressor failure rate of any other manufacturers whose products were studied.  This shows the superior benefit of a design which emphasizes system reliability and manufacturing methods that assure a highly reliable product.

Also, Lennox has been rated by many consumer magazines as having one of the lowest repair rates in the country.


In 1927 there were about 350 comfort equipment manufacturers in North America.  By 1984, Lennox was the only one to survive under its original name.  That says something, to come through all the drastic changes in the home comfort industry and to still be in a position of leadership.

The Lennox heritage began in 1895, and for over 100 years Lennox has helped keep homes and businesses comfortable.  This stability means that we stand behind our product.  You can rest assured that we will be there when you need us-as we have been for the past 100 years, continually providing innovative and quality products and service.


Lennox has a proven record of continuous innovation.  This is reflected in the many product firsts and cutting edge technology.  There is even a line of products called the innovator™ series.  Even if your planning to buy an Elite™ or Value™ series product and don't care about having all of the latest technological advantages that the Innovator series offers, look at an illustration from NASA's space program.  As part of their innovative research, graphite was developed to make things stronger and lighter.  Even though it was developed for other uses, today it's in tennis rackets, golf clubs, skis, and almost every sporting good product on the market.  The cutting edge technologies of today are the tried and true methods of tomorrow.  Every Lennox product, including the Innovator, Elite, and Value series, benefits from our knowledge of how to make comfort equipment better, more reliable, and more efficient.

Our Major Innovations are Impressive:

1895:  The first company to manufacture steel furnaces, providing safe and durable home heating.

1937:  First to develop forced-air oil furnaces, which revolutionized the way the industry efficiently heats larger spaces.

1939:  First to manufacture forced-air gas furnaces for attic or crawlspace applications.

1950:  First to offer perimeter heating concept for homes.

1952:  First to establish a nationwide HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) job training program.

1953:  First to test-fire (start up and test) every furnace produced.

1958:  First to manufacture commercial systems (the PowerSaver® packaged unit)  that used outside forced air for cooling through what is now known as an economizer.

1958:  First to offer the modular concept of heating and cooling each floor in high-rise buildings.

1964:  First to build the Duracurve® heat exchanger, which eliminated noise and cracking in gas furnaces.

1965:  First to manufacture packaged direct multi-zone rooftop units for heating and cooling.

1973:  First to manufacture a two-speed hermetic compressor, increasing energy savings in residential and commercial air conditioning.

1974:  First to combine heat pump systems and fossil-fuel furnaces for high-efficiency, all-season residential and commercial air conditioning.

1978:  First to provide electronically controlled variable-speed air handlers allowing customized home comfort.

1982:  First to manufacture a 90% plus AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) gas furnace with the Pulse® furnace, which established the high-efficiency heating market.

1982:  First manufacturer to stand behind their products with a lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty.

1984:  First to develop a 15 plus SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) air conditioner ( the Lennox PowerSaver® model ), raising the efficiency standards of the entire industry.

1988:  First to manufacture a split-system heat pump incorporating scroll compressor technology.

1990:  First HVAC manufacturer to earn the American Gas Association registration for the prestigious ISO 9000 European manufacturing guidelines.

1991:  First in the industry to implement a contractor performance criteria, Dealer Quality Standards, which raised customer service levels of our residential replacement dealers.

1994:  First to offer CompleteHeat® combination heating system, that delivers both high efficiency home heating and water heating, and delivers virtually unlimited hot water.

1995:  First to offer 11 SEER effieciency on commercial packaged equipment for five to thirty tons.

Lennox has consistently been the manufacturer on the leading edge of technology, constantly opening up new markets and providing better ways to meet the comfort demands of our customers.


Lennox has the industry's only Dealer Quality Standards program.  These standards measure our dealer on how well they run their businesses and how well they serve their customers.  When you choose Lennox, you can always count on getting quality products and quality service, because every independent Lennox dealer has to pass these quality standards.  When you buy a quality Lennox product from an independent Lennox dealer, you will have One Less Thing To Worry About.™