Equiguard-Extended Warranty


 Equiguard Extended Warranty


You can protect your budget against unforeseen cost for repairs to your heating and air conditioning equipment for up to 10 years.

 Why an Equiguard Extended Service Agreement???


Even the best equipment made may have a failure.....

Today's high tech equipment requires better service technicians and more sophisticated replacement parts, resulting in higher cost to you if your equipment fails.

Equiguard gives you the peace of mind that covered repair bills will be paid for the term of your Equigaurd Extended Service Agreement.


Check these Equiguard features..

  • Every service agreement is fully insured by an A.M. Best A (excellent) rated insurance company.  You are ensured that money will always be there to pay for your repairs.
  • Equiguard extended service agreements can be utilized on any brand of equipment to protect all of your heating, cooling, humidification, water heating, and air cleaning equipment.
  • Equiguard has thousands of certified technicians throughout North America to service your equipment requirements.
  • Equiguard has programs available for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.
  • Equiguard is transferable to subsequent owners for a nominal fee.

What does Equiguard cover?

  • Repair or replacement of all covered parts or labor or both on your heating and air conditioning equipment due to failure.
  • Refrigerant replacement up to 125% of the manufacturers recommended charge.
  • Contractors initial call rate.
  • Specific coverage and exclusions are stated in the Equiguard Extended Service Agreement.
  • See Danny Heineman and Sons, Inc. for details and a sample copy of the extended service agreement.


The following illustrates 2005 average repair costs on residential heating and air conditioning equipment.


Furnace or Boiler

Replace the glow coil or spark ignition....$150.00

Replace gas valve....$280.00

Replace ignition module....$290.00

Replace curcuit board....$292.00

Replace inducer fan motor....$275.00

Replace blower motor....$245.00


Air Conditioner

Replace condenser motor fan....$270.00

Replace contactor....$150.00

Replace compressor 1.5 to 5 ton labor only....$420.00

Replace condenser coil....$375.00



If you don't already have extended service protection on your heating and air conditioning equipment, find out how Equiguard may be able to offer you additional protection before your current coverage expires.

Don't wait, contact Danny Heineman and Sons, Inc. for more details!!!