Jackson Comfort System

Comfort System™ Home Comfort by Jackson Systems
Zone Control Layout
Comfort System™ Zone Control Panel
The zone control panel is the 'heart' of the system. It controls the dampers and your heating and cooling equipment to deliver the right amount of conditioned area at the right time.
Comfort System™ Dampers
Dampers are the devices that regulate the air to each zone or area. The zone control panel tells the dampers whether they should be open or closed.
The Retro Damper™
Adding zone control to your existing home just got easier.
The Retro Damper™ eliminates the need to make costly ductwork changes, saving you money and still providing the comfort you demand.
Comfort System™ Thermostats
Thermostats act as the 'command center' for controlling your home's indoor air comfort. The Comfort System™ zone control system will work with virtually any standard thermostat. This allows you to have choices like proggrammable, non-programmable, simple or complex. You can even tie into your home automation system.