Liberty-Low Profile Sewage System




Low Profile Sewage System

2" Solids-Handling

Liberty's new LowPro41LP offers an easier solution for adding a basement bathroom. Unlike traditional sewage pump basins, the LowPro is designed to sit directly on the floor eliminating the costly task of breaking-up concrete.  Its low profile tank can be framed around with standard 2" X 6" floor joists, totally concealing the unit for a complete finished appearance. This new unit from Liberty can also save hours of installation time because it arrives fully assembled from the factory with a 2" solids-handling sewage pump. Additional features include a powerful internal spray that helps break down solids and a split cover for easy access to the tank and switch without disturbing the discharge or vent pipe.

Fully Assembled System Features:

  • Durable one piece poly tank with split cover design - allows access to switch area without disturbing discharge and vent piping.
  • 4/10 hp cast iron sewage pump, 2" solids-handling.
  • Pre-mounted float switch.
  • Schedule 80 PVC discharge pipe (internal).
  • 2" check valve.
  • Closet flange with extra spacers for optional floor heights.
  • Pipe grommet seal for additional 2" inlet pipe from a shower or sink.
  • Engineered water jet provides a powerful spray within the tank to help break down solids and reduce potential jamming.
  • Flow-adjust pump maximizes pump cycle time and increases pump life.