Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System


Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

Get the best water for your family... right on tap!

The Clear Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water:

  • Delicious, sparkling-clear drinking water
  • Pristine, flavorful coffee, tea and juice
  • Healthy, clear water for you to drink
  • Clearer ice cubes
  • Better tasting soups, sauces and meals when prepared with R.O. water
  • Environmentally sound water treatment
  • Cost effective: the daily cost of bottled water will no longer be a concern
  • Convenient: fresh, clean water ready at your tap - no more handling of jugs



How Does Your Eclipse™ R.O. System Work?

The water from your Eclipse™ R.O. System is filtered four times before it ever reaches your glass, giving your family healthy deliciously crystal clear drinking water.  The Eclipse™ 4-stage system utilizes:

  1. A dual sediment pre-filter system which first removes dirt, sediment and other particles that can cause cloudy, unappealing water, while the second stage removes chlorine and other elements that cause bad tasting water.
  2. The Eclipse ™ membrane seperates your household water at the molecular level.  It acts as an ultra-fine filter to trap and isolate the contaminants, substantially reducing dissolved solids invisible to the naked eye.
  3. Any tastes or odors remaining in the water will be removed by the carbon post-filter before the water enters the reservoir tank.
  4. The final polishing filter is a second activated carbon filter attached just before the water enters the faucet.  It's your added assurance of good tasting, crystal clear water.

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