Environ-In Floor Heating-Under Carpet




In-Floor Heat For Carpets and Wood Flooring

Add Extra Warmth to Carpeted Rooms and Floating Wood Floors with Environ II™ Floor Warming System
Thanks to WarmlyYours, you can turn any cold room into a micro climate of warm, soothing heat with the simple addition of an innovative Environ II™ electric floor heating system.

Customize your Floor Heating Coverage 
The Environ II™ floor warming system gives you various options of floor heating coverage:

Choose selective warming and add floor heating around the bed, in front of the kitchen cabinets and at the center of a family room where you and your family gather and spend most of the time together.

Choose a full coverage and expect to add a few more degrees to a very cold room as a basement to turn it into a more livable space. 

Environ IISystem Description 
The Environ II™floor warming system installs directly in between the pad and the under carpet or floating wood floors to provide even, room-filling heat that virtually eliminates cold spots.

The system’s highly efficient, low profile design will not add to the height of your flooring, and can be professionally installed by your existing floor covering specialist using the custom floor plan provided free with using the custom floor plan provided free with each WarmlyYours system.

Keeping warm doesn’t require spending a lot of money. Energy efficient WarmlyYours floor heating systems cost only pennies a day to operate and can heat an ample size 12’x20’ family room for just 58 cents a day (Full 10-hour cycle).