Outdoor Reset Controls

 Distressed By Rising Fuel Prices?


Fuel Prices affect your heating costs dramatically.  Although you can't change the price associated with heating fuels, you can reduce the amount that you use.




How Your Heating System Works.

 When air temperature in your house drops below the thermostat setting, a signal is sent for the boiler to turn on and warm up your house.  Unfortunately the thermostat only tells your boiler to turn on when the house is too cold or turn off when the house is too warm.  There is no in-between.

How many miles per gallon would your car get if the only method of controlling your speed was to accelerate until you're going to fast and then apply the brakes?  That is exactly how your present heating system is working.

The boiler heats up (car accelerating) until your house is too warm (driving too fast) and the thermostat (brakes) turns the boiler off.



How Your Heating System Should Work.

You adjust your car's gas pedal to maintain a comfortable driving speed and good fuel economy.  Why not the same with your heating system?  By adding a Taco Outdoor Reset Control, heating system water temperature is adjusted to maintain comfort and improve system efficiency.

It's Not Your Heating Systems Fault.

Without a Taco Outdoor Reset Control, your heating system does not know if it is a cool autumn night or the coldest winter day.  Therefore it works as if it's always the coldest day of the year and heats the water to a maximum temperature.  By adding a Taco Outdoor Reset Control that works alongside your boiler and thermostat, you may see energy savings of up to 30%.  The lower the heating system water temperature, the more fuel you save.




 Taco Outdoor Reset Controls Provide Intelligence to Your Heating System.

With the information retrieved through an outdoor air sensor the control can match heat output closer to the needs of your home.  The system adjusts even before you feel too cold or warm.

How Much Will I Save?

Outdoor reset controls are not a new concept.  Most controls are installed in commercial applications such as office buildings, apartment houses and churches.  Taco has now made those controls available at affordable prices to the homeowner.

Savings will vary depending on many factors, but a recent energy study performed by the Environment and Energy Resource Center in St. Paul, Minnesota showed that outdoor reset controls saved an average of 14%.  Typical payback is under three years.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  Can I still use the same control if I replace the boiler or fuel source in the future?                        

A:  Yes, Taco controls work with a variety of heat sources.

Q:  Will I need to call the installer every time I want to change the settings?

A:  No, you can change the settings.