Water Treatment-Clean and Tunes

Water Treatment Clean and Tune Plans | Please call us anytime for pricing. 716.496.5037

Benefits of Planned Maintenance on Your Equipment

Plan A-(Water Conditioner, Sanitizer, Or UV Unit)

  1. Test water for hardness.
  2. Reset Timer.
  3. Check settings for regeneration
  4. Check inlet screen.
  5. Clean injector.
  6. Check brine tank for water level.
  7. No parts are included.
  8. Bulb and quartz sleeve are not included with UV unit.

Plan B-(Carbon Filter)

  1. Test water.
  2. Reset timer.
  3. Check settings for regeneration.
  4. Check inlet screen.
  5. Check operation.
  6. No parts are included.

Plan C-(Chemical Feed Pump)

  1. Clean and check balls (add new if needed)
  2. Clean injectors.
  3. Check for suction leaks.
  4. Test chlorine level.
  5. Check pump rate and reset.
  6. No parts are included.

Plan D-(RO Unit)

  1. Check TDS.
  2. Change post and pre-filters.
  3. Check for leaks.
  4. Check RO membrane, replace, if needed (membrane not included in price)
  5. No parts included, except filters.

Plan E-(Complete System Check)

  1. Chlorination, contact tank, carbon filter, and softener check.