Maintenance Agreement Benefits

Service Agreement Benefits

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Minimized Risk of Major Component Failure

Routine Maintenance can detect hazardous conditions, which could be harmful to your health such as Carbon Monoxide leakage and at the same time correct minor problems before they turn into major problems. Considering the cost of replacing major components such as a compressor or the heat exchanger, service agreements make sense.

Automatic Scheduling of Next Clean & Tune Service

Next years clean and tune up will be automatically scheduled with complete record keeping on your equipment such as make, model, serial number, warranty information and a service history.

Extends Equipment Life

Most heating and air conditioning systems go bad due to neglect. No one would expect their car to last long without routine maintenance. The same is true for an air conditioning, heating or water conditioning system.

Maintains efficient operation

Service agreements maintain system energy efficiency. Just as a tuned automobile saves gas, a well-tuned heating and air conditioning system will save energy and utility bills.

Saves Money on Needed Repairs

Service agreements offer a 10% discount for repair parts not covered under the agreement, as well as up to a 20% savings on our labor rate. Also a 10% discount on future purchases of material for other repairs or remodels along with the special labor rate. This is not valid with other discounts or contracts.

Delivers Priority Service

Routine maintenance lowers the risk of needing emergency service.  However, if the equipment should break down, service agreement customers receive priority emergency service and go to the top of the list rather than the bottom. Approximately a 20% savings in some cases!

Experienced and Trained Technicians

Maintenance is performed by professional technicians who are completely trained and well qualified to do the job and to give advice. Technicians have the proper tools and instruments to test, calibrate, and repair equipment. They also have immediate access to most replacement parts.