Ultra Violet-Disinfection System


UltraViolet Disinfection System


This compact line of ultraviolet disinfection systems is ideally suited for point-of-use filtration, RO pre or post disinfection or with a myriad of other applications requiring the flexibility this design offers.  The hard glass germicidal lamps provide an economical way of treating water requiring a 99.99% reduction of bacteria and virus and protozoan cysts (Giardia Lamblia and Crysptosporidium).  This process is accomplished without adding any harmful chemicals to your drinking water.  Sterilight is the most ecological way of treating your water.. and all for just pennies a day!  These disinfection systems are designed for easy homeowner maintenance.  The UV lamp can be changed without interupting the water flow.  The quartz sleeve design allows for maximum UV output and operating efficiency.


In addition to bacteria (E. coli), virus, algae, mould and others, Sterilight UV systems are effective against protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia.  UV effectively DESTROYS these protozoan cysts at dosage levels well within the levels delivered by all Sterilight ultraviolet disinfection systems.


What is cryptosporidiosis?

Cryptosporidiosis is a diarrheal disease caused by microscopic parasites of the genus Cryptosporidium. Once an animal or person is infected, the parasite lives in the intestine and passes in the stool. The parasite is protected by an outer shell that allows it to survive outside the body for long periods of time and makes it very resistant to chlorine- based disinfectants. Both the disease and the parasite are commonly known as "crypto."

During the past two decades, crypto has become recognized as one of the most common causes of waterborne disease within humans in the United States. The parasite may be found in drinking water and recreational water in every region of the United States and throughout the world.

What is giardiasis?

Giardiasis (GEE-are-DYE-uh-sis) is a diarrheal illness caused by a one-celled, microscopic parasite, Giardia intestinalis (also known as Giardia lamblia). Once an animal or person has been infected with Giardia intestinalis, the parasite lives in the intestine and is passed in the stool. Because the parasite is protected by an outer shell, it can survive outside the body and in the environment for long periods of time.

During the past 2 decades, Giardiainfection has become recognized as one of the most common causes of waterborne disease (found in both drinking and recreational water) in humans in the United States . Giardia are found worldwide and within every region of the United States.

The Sterilight UV System Features:

  • Patented electronic ICE ballast featuring constant output current over the entire operating range independent of voltage or frequency.  This redesigned ICE ballast features improved surge protection, fusing and transient protection as well as an audible/visual ANNUAL LAMP CHANGE REMINDER feature.
  • Sterilume™ EX UV lamps, these hard glass, 254nm ultraviolet lamps feature advanced proprietary lamp coating allowing for consistent UV output over the life of the lamp coupled with uniform temperature distribution.  The result is that Sterilume™ EX lamps provide the required output over the entire 9000 hour lamp life.
  • Compact design incorporating 304 stainless steel reactor chambers, brilliantly polished for laboratory or medical applications.
  • Easy servicing-no need to disconnect water flow to change UV lamp.
  • Open end quartz sleeves and aluminum gland nuts for optimum operating temperature and sealing efficiency.
  • 99.99% destruction of bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts (Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium) at rated flow.
  • Natures way to protect your water without the addition of harmful chemicals.
  • Includes mounting clamps and hardware.
  • Seven year warranty on reaction chamber for unparralleled protection.
  • Drain port for reactor chamber flushing (only on certain models)
  • New over-moulded connector allows for quick and simple removal of the lamp connector without any special tools or assistance.

Ensuring The Safety of Your Water