Customer Testimonials

November 5, 2007

"Thanks for prompt service. Both Don & Mike are great service reps for your business & great people.  I'll be calling soon about another project."


Philip Riforgiato

March 26, 2007

Mr. Danny Heineman

Danny Heineman and Sons, Inc.

PO Box 473

13980 East Schutt Road

Sardinia, New York 14134

Dear Danny:

Sorry this is so late in arriving.  However, after what I thought was a thourough cleaning of the refrigerator coils of a year's worth of dust (between moving in and having the air ducts cleaned), I was still seeing some residual dust.  A few days later, cleaned coils again, re-vacuumed and re-mopped the entire upstairs and waited a few more days.  IT WORKED!

I just wanted to thank you for your attention to what I thought was a problem.  Not only did you take the time to come out and check my concerns, and rule out the "Obvious", but you took the time to check out other possibilities.  In today's world, that commitment to customer satisfaction is rare!

I truly appreciate your time and "problem solving".  You've got my vote for businessman of the year, and recommendations to anyone I hear of interested in having the ducts in their house cleaned.

Thank you, again!

Very Truly Yours,

Geraldine Gaffney

"We wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the workmen you sent.  Everyone was professional, hard working, pleasant and represented your firm on the highest level.  It was a pleasure to do business with you and well let our friends know."

Bob and Carol Lucia

"The Simple Joys of Indoor Plumbing"  An Article From The Arcade Herald, by Carole Jones

"On Sunday the toilet at the Herald ran over. By the time Monday came, there was just no flushing to it - we needed to call a plumber. Even Cyndi, our very own Macgyver, who can repair most office equipment with a piece of string, duct tape, a paper clip and a wad of chewing gum, couldn't fix this one. Do you know what it's like to have an office of seven women and no toilet?  And, to boot, a couple of us take water pills to regulate our blood pressure. Now you're getting the picture. Even though no one had to use the facilities - suddenly that was all we could think about. Before we even called Heineman's, we quickly ran around on a neighborhood reconnaissance mission to gather "intel" (as they say on all the spy shows). Turns out the girls at Adecco, Creekside Fabrics and Countryside Scrappin' said they would'nt mind if we used their bathrooms.  Whew. We felt better already. When Heath Heineman arrived, we were certain things would be back to normal in a jiffy. Not really. Turns out the line was clogged so badly special equipment would be needed, and calls to the village and prior occupants couldn't put a finger on where the second access to the line was. Meanwhile, the day was chaotic. Between short bursts of work, one or two of us would have to run across the street or next door. And, it would have been impolite to just pee and leave, so each trip required certain niceties along with a perfunctory thank-you. Should we perk some coffee?  No, that will only make things worse. And, better stay away from the water cooler, as that won't help things either. How about a drink with lunch? Not a good idea. Thank goodness the phone was fairly quiet, as our dehydrated mouths were finding it harder and harder as the day wore on to form the words, "Newsroom, can I help you?" At the end of the day, things looked bleak. Dan Heineman himself stopped in to apologize and say that they were doing the best they could. We knew they were, as poor Heath was sweating and getting dirtier by the moment in his quest to find a solution. There must be another way, we thought. If we can get "loaner" cars, why can't we get a "loaner" potty? What about digging a two-holer?  Do you suppose the church would mind if an outhouse suddenly appeared out back? Maybe we could put a cross on the door instead of a half-moon to make it more esthetically pleasing. All joking aside, we tried to be a little smarter the next day.  Sensing we were becoming a nuisance, we tried our best to make fewer trips to the neighbors. It became a game to see who could go the longest between pit stops.  Still no coffee, still no water cooler, still no drink at lunch. Agggh! Heath was really scurrying that morning, as the special equipment had arrived and I'm sure he was determined to stop our incessant whining. About mid-afternoon, we heard the first glorious flush. News spread quickly around the office that the problem may be solved. Looking toward the heavens above, Heath had fingers, toes, arms and eyes crossed as he waited to see if the line was clear. Hallelujah!  It was! Heineman and Sons had saved the day!  It seems years of tree roots growing into the lines, in combination with an office full of women, had stopped it up good, but it was no match for thier knowledge and expertise. Thanks, Heath, for getting us back to normal in as short a time as possible. And, special thanks to our neighbors for graciously putting up with the interruptions our frequent visits caused. We have a newfound appreciation for indoor plumbing. And, even Leslie's coffee never tasted so good.

"We have been and continue to be consistently impressed and satisfied with our experiences with you.  Your profesionalism and high level of service is such that we will contine to call on you for any and all of our needs for both service and purchases.  We recommend you very highly to all who ask, telling people, if you want it done right and with great service, use heineman."

Chuck and Karen Hewitt

 Dear Mr. Heineman,

Thank you very much for your generous contribution towards our booth at the Chaffee-Sardinia Carnival. The girls were able to reach their goal towards the cost of camp.  The cheerleaders did very well and recieved many rewards.  We hope to see you at a home football game this year.

Thank You,

Erica Leisner, Ashley Federico, Jennifer Buchanan, Stephanie Deahn, Candace Durnford, Charli Marble, Kimmy Wolfe, Jessica Peziol, Brandy Culverhouse, Pamela Billey, Mellissa Souter, and Catrina Piazza

Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift!  We have each had a cookie, and found them delightful.  We also know we will be able to put the lovely cooler to good use.  Your kindness is much appreciated.


Krafton and Elaine

Dear Danny and Connie,

"Thanks so much for your generous donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Great Strides walk.  This was Springville's fourth year hosting this worthwhile event.  Each year we have managed to increase teh awareness of CF in our community.  With your help this year we were able to raise over $25,000 towards research for a cure and patient care.  The families who live in the area and are personally affected by this disease are especially appreciative of your efforts to help us in our cause.  You really made our day special."

Kathy Goodrow-Chairperson

"Earlier this week, Don Kittleson was at our home for the annual check of our various systems.  In looking at the multiple maintenance record cards, I realized that Don has now been performing our preventative maintenance tasks for five years.  Don has always done an excellent job and is very conscientious.  While I believe that we have always expressed our appreciation to Don, it seems appropriate to also let you know how much we value his service, and that we always request him.  Obviously, other members of your staff have effectively responded to our needs since 1998, and this relfects well on your total service quality.  However, we feel that Don is a particularly effective "ambassador" for your firm, and we look forward to hisnext visit (hopefully of the planned variety)."

Jeff and Chris Miller

Dear Danny and Sons,

" I want to thank you for taking care of my problem today.  Having a sewer problem the day before Christmas is worrisome, to say the least.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated and is a real example of the Christmas Spirit.  Merry Christmas to you, your employees and all of your families! P.S. Danny, you made another great hire.  Marc is good at his job and a fine young man."

Frank and Diane Wood

"I don't often do this but I thought a letter of appreciation was forthcoming.  On Friday the 19th of December I arrived home after being gone for 1 week.  I had no heat, it was about 3:30 P.M.  I called your office, explained the problem and your men responded by 4:45 P.M., and I had heat at about 5:30 P.M.  Just another reason why I use your company for all of my plumbing and heating needs."


"Was never so glad to see anyone as we were to see your young men who came to fix our water problem-they were angels of mercy-they were willing, efficient, and a pleasure to watch at work, I've said enough but I mean every word."

Bob Waters

"Please accept our thanks for the purchase of a quarter page ad in the program booklet for our spring fundraiser, the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre on April 23rd, 2005.  It is through gifts such as yours that we can continue to offer the "Duffield Experience" to children, youth and families in Western New York."

Karen Mucow-Murder Mystery Dinner Committee

Dear Mr. Heineman,

"So far everything is working fine.  I would like to express my thoughts on a job well done.  We were very impressed with the professional, curteous and knowledgeable way your team conducted themselves while working in our home.  You have a business you can be proud of and your staff is one of the best assets!  Thank you all and we look forward to seeing your team in the spring."

The Hamiltons

"When Morton Buildings contracted with Danny Heineman and Sons, Plumbing to provide the plumbing and heating for our new laundromat we could not have asked for a more professional and thorough.  Their knowledge and recommendation of the latest technology provided the most energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems available, resulting in long term energy savings.  One example of their concern and expertise was for new construstion detail and their recommendation for radiant heat in the side walk entries to prevent winter snow and ice problems.  This wasn't part of the original plan but was cost effective change to enhance safety and to eliminate the concern for snow and ice removal.  Heineman and Sons 24 hour emergency service also gives us the assurance there are not costly shut downs.  If you want quality and quick response to all your plumbing and heating needs whether new construction or repairs I would highly recommend you consider giving them a try.

Joe and Janet Vogtli

Dear Mr. Heineman,

"My family reunion was Saturday and I has a lot of family from out of town.  Getting the water back was important.  Your crew, especially Heath, was great!!  They went out of their way to see that the job was done as soon as possible and done right."

Holly Baker

Dear Danny and Co.

"Thank you again for a great job in my small cabin.  A special " thank You " to Michael.  You did a wonderful job in less than perfect conditions.  When the propane technician came over he comented on the excellent work.  When I told him Heineman's did it he immediately said Michael's name.  So please make sure he knows this and I have one more project I want to do....."

Barb Youngers

A customer called into our office after our technician Marc was at her home to tell us how polite and curteous Marc was, she said "he was refreshing".

Mrs. Griffey

Dear Heineman's Plumbing and Heating, Inc.:

On Behalf of the Pioneer Friends of Agriculture, I would like to thank you for your generous donation toward the 15th Annual Dinner-Dance.  The event was a huge success with over 300 people in attendance.  Because of your support, over $7000 will be awarded at this year's annual FFA Banquet in Scholarships to graduating seniors from the Agriculture Department.  This year's scholarship applicants include:  Ashlie Baker, Stephanie Bliss, Jacob Fontaine, Beth Hobin, and Mark Skeels.  Thank you again for your continued support.  Your contributions have been vital to the success of the organization.

Katie Bliss-Pioneer FFA Secretary

Here is some information on some of the Scholarship Recipients:

Ashlie Baker:  Plans to attend SUNY Alfred majoring in Construction Technology.  She has been involved in agriculture classes for four years, taking such classes as Agr. Tech Prep, Environmental Science, Agr. Business Management, Introduction to Agr. Occupations, and Leadership Development.  Ashlie started her FFA involvement with the FFA Creed Speaking CDE while in 9th grade.  She has since participated on the National Farm Business Management CDE at last year's convention and is currently preparing for the NYS Agr. Issues CDE and Agr. Communications CDE.  Ashlie works as a cashier at Save-A-Lot Food Store.  One of Ashlie's highlights in high school includes her participation in the People to People Student Ambassadors Program where she was able to travel to Australia for three weeks last summer.  Ashlie's hobbies include reading, cooking, gardening, and woodworking.  Ashlie hopes one day own and operate her own construction business. 

Stephanie Bliss:  Plans to attend SUNY Alfred majoring in Culinary Arts.  She has been involved in agriculture classes for four years, taking Agr. Tech Prep, Advanced Agr. Science, Welding, Environmental Science, Food Science, Landscaping Art, and Veterinary Science.  Stephanie participated in the National FFA Marketing Plan CDE, Parliamentary Procedure CDE, and Agr. Communications CDE at the past three National FFA Conventions.  She is currently preparing to be a part of the state Farm Business Management CDE at the year's NYS FFA Convention.  She is also busy working at Marco's Pizza, where she cooks, serves customers, and helps with clean up.  In addition to her work outside of school, Stephanie currently serves as FFA Chapter Vice-President and is a volunteer at the Arcade Elementary School.  Stephanie hopes to one day work at an upscale restaurant and catering business.

Hi Danny,

We'll thank you very much for the insulated bag and cookies.  What a nice thoughtful gift.  I hear your advertisement on WSPQ radio and get a smile on my face.  I know we are very pleased to do business with you.  We were anxious to get that furnace in before we left for vacation.  It is a job well done and we were confident all was working while we were gone.  Now, if you could only make spring get here faster we would be most grateful.

Thank you,

Donna and Steve Krzes

"Everything was outstanding, we are so happy we found you."

Mr. and Mrs. Biggs

Dear Danny,

On behalf of St. Jude's Parish Life Committee, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and graditude for your recent purchase of advertising space in our International Dinner Program.  It is the generous support of community members like you who help make events such as this an emormous success.  The parish community of St. Jude's is truly blessed to have your support.

Sincerely thanks and many blessings,

Parish Life Committee

Best wishes to you and your "crew". It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Hazel M. Rothfuss


A note of special thanks to your employee Randy for a job well done.  He spent much of yestersay working at our home. Randy was efficient and we appreciate his efforts and expertise. 

It has always been a pleasure doing business with you.  Keep up the great work.


Larry Ciszak

This organization bent over backwards to replace our hot water heater.  We were very pleased.

Gerald Albertson

Thank you for your generous donation to help offset the cost of supplies needed to make stands for our christmas tree sale!

Boy Scout Troop 628

 Thank you for the personalized keepsake plate by Commuity Service Systems!

B. Feldman


When my mother decided to re-do her bathroom, she checked out several places and decided on your company.  I went with her to meet Harlan when I was home for a visit.  He couldn't have been more helpful, understanding, and patient through the whole remodeling project.  The pictures of her new bathroom are on this website.  It turned out beautiful!  She is so happy and would recommend your company to anyone.  Thank you for everything you did.

Marge Lefort



Thanks for helping us out with our water issues!  Since we put the new equipment in we have noticed dramatic improvement.!  The smell is gone and the water is soft!  We appreciate all that you and your crew have done. 

Thanks again,

Matt & Jen Paluch


Dear Danny,

On behalf of St. Jude's Parish Life Committee, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and graditude for your recent purchase of advertising space in our International Dinner Program.  It is the generous support of community members like you who help make events such as this an emormous success.  The parish community of St. Jude's is truly blessed to have your support.


Excellent service and help  from  out first visit to discuss our bathroom projects to the completion of the job and beyond!  Harlan was very helpful and efficient and certainly knows his business. Excellent follow thru with phone calls, very timely with appointments. A real joy to work with!  Went above and beyond to help with  an "Emergency" plumbing problem during "deconstruction" when pipes were nicked!    Mike is a great service guy- worked non stop and very courteous. A truly great experience for us.  The contractor was also great - very quick and efficient - plus very pleasant to work with.  Thanks!

Darlene and Mort Benstead


The three times that you were here, we were more than satisfied with your workers; plus the day we stoppped in to get questions answered we were waited on right away and were told of all the options.

Mr. and Mrs Hobson


Thank you all for the promt action when our problem occured.  It gies us great compfort knowing there are reliable service providers such as Heineman & Sons still in existence.

Al & Rosie Reid


Dear Harlan,

We wanted to say thank you for the planning and the work you did for us in restoring our bathroom to a much nicer, user friendly room.  So far we are happy with the new tub-shower and fixtures. Thank you for returning so promptly to remedy the leaking shower fixture.

Regarding the questionaire that we completed; I was amused when asked if we would recommend Heineman and Sons to a friend.  I wanted to share this bit of info with you. I think it was a year to two years ago that we had not been able to find someone to service our furnace.  I desperation I went to the internet and found your ad which said you worked Fillmore, N.Y.  Fred called the number and we were please that you could come in a few days. Our friends the Gillettes needed someone for their two homes and they called you on our recommendations.They had to get a new furnace for their home.  They in turn have told the Fanchers and you are doing work for them I believe. Our friends the Pococks have also had a new funace installed after they asked if we knew anyone in the area. Mrs Greenway is now getting ac and a furnace, we had told her you would be truthful about what she needed or perhaps wanted.  Also, I think we reffered Mr. Zike. So the answer is "yes", I think we already have done that.

Our special thanks to Michael and Gerald who are masters in their work skills.

Thanks again for all your help,

Fred & Vernelle Shannon

 Your recent donation helped us to have a successful motorcyle dice run.

As a result, our club is stronger,

and we have been able to help those in need!

Thank you!

The Members of Red Knights NY 36


I was impressed by the knowledge, patience and professionalism of everyone who came to the house or talked on the phone to me.  Thank you for your promptness, advise, and thorough communication.

Mrs. Greenway


You did an excellent Job!

Lowell Fancher


Very well satisfied.  Very helpful in trying to solve issues the best way possible!

K. Wiedeman

November 28, 2009

Dear Mr. Heineman,

Thank you very much for sending the cleaning materials when Harlan came to change the fixtures that had been on back-order,  We're glad to know the best products to use for cleaning the new tub area.

Fred and Vernelle Shannon

 Danny and Sons,

Just a big thank you for the delicious awesome cookies and small lunch cooler.  It was very thoughtful.  Wish I could have a major project done by you folks; just to get more cookies!

Thanks again

Shirley Drennan

April 16,2010


Thank you so very much, its a pleasure doing business with someone who still will do business the old fashioned way; on a handshake and someones word!

You went the extra mile to give me "Great" drinking water, and at least now I can take a shower and not smell like chlorine when I am done.

Thank You!

C. Sororky


The whole experience was very proffessionaly handled.

D. Barber


Dear Danny,

On behalf of St. Judes Parish Life Committee, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your advertisement sponsorship of our International Dinner.  It is the dedication of community members like you who help to make events such as this an enormous success.  The parish community of St. Jude's is truly blessed to have your support.

Sincere thanks and many blessings,

Parish Life Committee


   The whole experience was very proffessionaly handled!

Mr. Barber


You have turned my seasonal cabin into my beautiful home! Thank You !

Ms. Younger


Dear Advertiser and Friend:

On behalf of all our residents we truly must express our deepest gratitude for your support.  Without you our beloved directory/yearbooks would not be possible.

In all that we do, we strongly urge the residents to express their gratitude to the advertisers with their patronage and residents definitely do take this to heart. Together we keep the wheels of our local economies turning.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you again next year !

LOML Publications

A good reason to buy from local merchants

Why should we buy locally?

Being a recent cancer survivor, I participated on a small team during this year's Relay for Life. The support from the local businesses and community was overwhelming.  Not being on the Relay for Life Organizing Committee, I won't even try to list all of the local businesses and organizations; but I would like to express my thanks to them all. 

Now the reason for this letter

The Springville United Methodist Church, in an effort to increase their outreach to area youth and adults, was considering building an outdoor sand volleyball court on thier property.  It took only a few letters and phone calls for our local businesses to once again step up to the net and make this vision a reality.  I was on the organizing committee for this project, so I would like to mention the local businesses and how they helped.

I would first like to thank Brody Neurether. It took one phone call to Southern Erie County Costruction and we had a hole 40 feet x 70 feet x 1 foot deep. I would also like to extend my thanks and well-wishes to Ron from Miller Excavating. Ron had agreed to excavate the site' but because of a deer/motorcycle accident he was unable to do the job.  We pray that your recovery is going well. 

Next I would like to thank Gernatt Asphalt Products for their donation of 105 tons of sand. A special thanks goes out to Sue Degolier and Jeff Gier for making this happen. 

Thanks goes out to Ethan Waterman from Waterman's Greenhouse. He volunteered to bring up some equipment to level off the 105 tons of sand for us. 

Thank you as well to Danny Heineman & Sons. Your donation of steel pipe was very much appreciated. 

And we cannot forget to thank Gerald Fiedler from Fiedler Construction for his generous financial gift that we were able to use to help purchase the vollyball net.

And last but not least is Bill Skura from Springville Hardware. His gift of miscellaneous hardware and paint made our job a lot easier.

Thanks to all of these local businesses, we now have an outdoor sand volleyball court. The net will remain up until cold weather, so feel free to come up and use the court - but remember, it was not free. If we don't purchase from our local businesses, how can we ask them to donate something when we want something?

Michael Lux

East Concord NY


Great Job - Great Workers!  Very professional, organized and neat, from begining to end!  Love the finished product , couldn't be happier!

Lois Metzger


The workers were great!  They were helpful when asked, you felt comfortable leaving them alone in your home. It was a pleasure having them do the job. I can't praise them enough; Harlan was wonderful too! He always called to make sure everything was going smoothly. We are so pleased we had you all do the job. We have the greatest respect for all of you.  Thank you very much.

Butch and Mary Major

P.S. Other work done:

1.  Cleaning pipes  (duct cleaning)

2.  Servicing Furnace

I am pleased with your approach to business!




Just a little " Thank You" note to you and your men. I have known Don for many years; he is like family and has serviced my furnace faithfully each year.

I just met Mike this summer when he installed new plumbing from my bathrooms to my septic and just this week I met Ed who installed our new Goulds water pump.

I Just wanted to commend these three men for their excellent work and tell you that they are an asset to your business.  "Thanks" for the great service !


A. Wangelin


My name is Deborah and I would like to give my personnal recommendation for Heineman and Sons, Inc.  My old water system was failing and I stopped after work to get some advise. Danny Heineman and Sons helped me decide with complete ease and confidence to replace a hot water tank, relay switch, holding tank, and water softening system.  They were professional and thorough, explaining step by step what to expect. I love my new water system.

Prior to replacing, I had to deal with high iron, which made everything yellowish orange and water less than appawling in taste. Now everything is crystal clear and Great Tasting! I could not be Happier!  I was so pleased with the outcome I contracted Heineman and Sons, Inc. to replace my old bathroom floor with a new heated ceramic tile floor. Beautiful!

I respectfully and thankfully appreciate all your hard work. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Deborah J Szucs

Dear Danny, Family and Co.

We thank you for being a participator of the ham give away. We were the lucky winners from your store and enjoyed the ham for Christmas.

Thanks again,

The Dedricks

We were very impressed with the quality of Michael's work; it was exceptional!


We are most pleased with our water quality to date.  Looks like we finally got a system that works!


June 8, 2011

Dear Heineman and Sons

Thank you for your part in making this year's Boys & Girls Club of Holland Golf Tpurnament a huge success. As a hole sponsor of the event, your donation contributed to raising $15,000 for the girls and boys of our community! Thank you for your commitment to the welfare of our youth!

This year's tournament took place on Sunday, June 5th. We set a new record by having 142 golfers participate, and although the weather has been horrible the last several year, this year was perfect! We also set a record by having 55 individual/companies sponsor holes...... and we are very, very appreciative.

Enclosed please find a "Thank You" from our members and the Golf Tournament sponsor sheet that was shared with all the golfers.

Once again, thank you for supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Holland! You are making a difference in the lives of the youth that we serve.

Brian T. Tavernier

To Whom It May Concern,

I am enclosing payment for the recent plumbing job your company completed for us. When we contacted your company we didn't know much about you, but we moved forward with trust that your company would do a good job. Our trust was not shattered; in fact you surpassed all of our expectations. Your technician Michael approached this job, just as he did the previous one you performed for us, with professionalism and concern.  His attention to deail and quality was evident; and his concern for our needs and expectations appeared to be foremost in his mind. Both jobs were completed without a great deal of interruption to the household, and were done in a timely and dedicated manner. Though in both cases Michael walked into a messy situation, he left us with our plumbing problems solved, and smiles on our faces. We thank you for your quick response, and for the quality of both the work preformed and for he professional manner in which it was completed.

Wil and Sue Hodges



Thank you for your "Thank You Gift" (a dozen cookies and a six-pack cooler).  The cookies are very good, and very fresh. I'd also like to thank you for working so hard to get my water situation to a usable state.  You and your staff have been very helpful, courtious, and professional.

Ernstine Burke